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It’s a Girl!

2 Nov

Welcome to this crazy world, Grace Eloise! She arrived at 8:41am, 9lbs, 19.75 inches, full head of hair and with a mom & dad wrapped around her finger.



My Favorite Holiday!

4 May

birthday trifecta


May 4th is basically the best day ever. It’s the day of celebrating the birthdays of THREE of my favorite people! Happy birthday to my hilarious, one-of-a-kind father, Larry … to my darling pumpkin, Rena who never fails to brighten my day (and with whom I had the pleasure of hugging and dining alongside today!) … and to the stinkiest cat/wolf/puppy/monkey/jerk I’ve ever known, Vinnie. What a marvelous day.

So cheesy.

14 Apr


Listen, if my soon-to-be sister is having cheesecake to celebrate her birthday, who am I to refuse? Happy birthday, Jill!

Many Thanks

22 Nov

I got a bushel full of grateful.


Friends, family, love. And a home cooked meal with my soon-to-be-in-laws with this dreamboat. Happy Thanksgiving! And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAHLING ALLISON! Xoxoxo

Feliz Cumpleaños

17 Nov

to my dahling!

What a night. There’s no one I’d rather celebrate. xoxox, Allison Dahling!


Silly One Year Old

10 Nov

“Little” Will turned 1!


And I made it a while half an hour at his celebration before succumbing to the crummy lasting effects of this cold. Back to bed for this gal. Happy birthday, Silly!

Last one, I promise.

15 Oct

I know, our birthday is long gone but…


I can’t not use this photo. It’s too perfect. Plus I totally screwed my back up today and so I have no photos to show for my otherwise run-of-the-mill Monday.

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