Today I Fell in a Lake

8 Aug

…and it was glorious.


It was ridiculously hot and I slipped and fell in a lake where swimming isn’t allowed. Silver lining? Yeah, I think so.

I tried to take a group photo of us to document the day but… my timer is a little faster than I am:


Anyway, I was with Ann and Katie at Lagunitas Lake today and we stumbled upon this rattle snake! Why???? How come whenever I exercise lately I’m faced with car accidents and deadly reptiles???? What kind of horrible sign is this?!


But, alas, all’s well that ends, as my aunt Margaret says because I met a new friend:


His name is Fuzzy and he’s gonna be the ring bearer at me and Mikey’s wedding and we will have a room just for him in our house and it’s gonna be awesome.

The end.


One Response to “Today I Fell in a Lake”

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