The Roof is on Fire

11 Jul

Errr, in this case, it was the hill.


Second fire in a month. What is going on? At 4am when Mikey was on his way to his car for work (god bless him), he saw this dang fire blazing on the hill and called 911! Ridiculous! All turned out well as I stood out in the parking lot white knuckling the urge to help the firefighters lug the hose up there (god save me). Turns out, they had it under control and didn’t need my help as they successfully distinguished the flames and no one got singed.


One Response to “The Roof is on Fire”

  1. jackie July 12, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    Holy molie….sure glad he is up and about at that hour….and glad you are safe!!!
    xoxoxoxo AJ.

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