Accidental Nap Time.

1 Feb

Oh, whoops.

It’s funny how colds work (like, not funny ‘ha ha’, more like ‘this is the worst feeling ever why is this happening to me’ funny). This is the way mine usually happen:

Day 1: “Oh, what’s this? Why is my throat scratchy? Too many cigarettes last night? Or perhaps I slept with my mouth open? Dr. Pepper overdose?” (Basically anything aside from being sick is possible. Even though every one of my friends has been sick over the last two weeks. Denial > Probability.)

Day 2: “Hey, friend who was sick recently, my throat feels dry, and a little sore, is that what you felt? Am I having the exact same feelings you had before you got really sick? Yes? Well, did your shin also hurt? No?! Well my shin hurts so I’m probably not getting what you had! HA HA!”

Day 3 (today): Wake up with a nose that is simultaneously stuffed and runny. Proceed to use half a box of kleenex before opening my eyes. Decide I’m ready to die. Shower. Decide I want to live but fear I will not. Realize there’s only one episode left of United States of Tara that I haven’t seen and promptly decide I’m ready to die again. Fall asleep at 5:30pm and wake up at 9:40pm from an accidental nap. To be continued… (but not really, I’m over this and you probably won’t get an update tomorrow. You’re welcome.)

P.S. I took this photo for the February Photo A Day series. Today’s theme was “your view today”. Not the worst view for a drama queen with a cold. Let’s follow each other on Instagram, y’all! (Bunnieears)


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