Ten Things That Will Distract You When You Should Be Packing

23 Jan

Off the top of my head.

1. Your friend Rena calls and asks you to drive across town with her to eat sushi in a strangely decorated restaurant.

2. Dirty Dishes.

3. Your friend Rena calls you for no apparent reason when she wakes up from a nap and 20 minutes later you find yourself still on the phone with her saying things like “Bullies are so mean!”.

4. You sign up for Twitter just so you can follow Sophia Rossi (@Sofifii) and vow never to tell anyone your Twitter handle because the list of people you follow is like, way embarrassing.

5. You forget you made coffee two hours ago that you never drank and spend 45 minutes wondering if it probably tastes super crappy now and then end up drinking it anyway and cursing yourself because it does indeed taste super crappy now.

6. Your W2 becomes available. ($$$ CHA-CHING! $$$ – just kidding. But seriously. J/K!!!!)

7. New This American Life podcast is available. (Which for the record, could easily be listened to while packing, but instead you find yourself in a Facebook stalking vortex because your computer is open, naturally)

8. You suddenly remember you haven’t checked Molls She Wrote in over two weeks and there’s an alarming number of new posts up in there.

9. You stumble upon an episode of “I Survived…Beyond and Back” where a woman claims to have been visited by extra-terrestrial beings while drowning in her car. Enough said, amirite?

10. Your friend Rena calls again, for no apparent reason again, and find yourself 15 minutes later discussing the hydrating benefits of Crystal Light with her.


One Response to “Ten Things That Will Distract You When You Should Be Packing”

  1. founditonapostednote January 24, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    Packing makes me want to be someone else.

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