Road Trip 2012 in Numbers

10 Jan

Breaking it down.

5: Days driven.

172: Number of times I was confused as to what time zone I was in.

48: Approximate pounds gained.

2: Number of Mummified Animals seen.

1,942: Miles driven.

0: Number of times I woke up before 8:30am.

4: Number of times I intended to wake up before 8:30am.

3: Gallons of McDonald’s iced vanilla latte’s consumed (those little bastards are tasty).

6: Number of Muffler Men spotted.

95: Amount of Teepees in New Mexico and Arizona combined.

1: Number of speeding tickets received (that Texas Ranger had it out for me).

550: Number of photos and videos (combined) taken over a five day period.

2: Amount of fake animals I sat on top of.


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