Tintype Fever

15 Oct

I’ve got it.


You know, I did have a photo I took today, but we got these tintypes we took last night emailed to us today and I’m still super impressed so it’s getting the main spot. Headlining, if you will. It was really fun to see everyone that was at the party last night posting theirs on Facebook today! You should definitely check out Photobooth on 23rd and Valencia in San Francisco. No appointments needed to get one of your own! Vincent and Michael will hook you up. Good guys.

While still riding the high of my favorite birthday ever, I, along with the party planner professionals Allison and Kim, made an early trip to Boogaloo’s which is really the only time to avoid an hour and a half wait on a Saturday. Noe Valley had some little street festival thing happening today so Allison and I checked that out (source of the photo below) and did some shopping and got mani/pedis. All in a days work, right? Dinner at Papito with Rena was the perfect way to round out the day. Favorite weekend ever.


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