You Know What I Wish I Had A Photo Of?

1 Sep

That woman that nearly killed her kid with pure stupidity.


Seriously. This woman, walking down the middle of the street, pushing a stroller, talking on her cell phone whips the stroller around without looking over her shoulder and nearly gets hit by a car. Driver yells for the woman to get off her phone. Does she? Oh no. No, instead she continues talking and walking, still in the middle of the street, and then takes her hands off the stroller letting it roll along toward an intersection with no stop signs to adjust her skirt. There really should be some level of mental capacity required before being allowed to have kids. Am I completely off base here??

So, instead of a picture of an unfit mother, I gift you this photo. It’s the view from my home office, video editing in full effect. Also, today Kim and I reminisced about our New York trip last year, so this video is my link of the day.  What can I say? I’m a giver.


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