23 Jun

These people were the inspiration for the saying “get a room”.


Today during our run Kim and I made a pit stop at the mall (long story) and passed these two 40-somethings making out in the mall. I’m talking hardcore, in their own world, making out with the passion of teenagers on prom night. It was …¬†fascinating? disturbing? shocking? This wasn’t just a quick thing. These two were making out before we walked up… and the entire 5 minutes we stood there taking photos (because we are 12 years old) with our jaws on the floor. The thing is, I’ve seen a lot of weird things in my life. I live in San Francisco, I’ve been to the circus in Mexico, hell, I’ve been to rehab… and I was frozen with no way to look away. It was like a car accident. With tongues and groping.


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