BORN AGAIN!!!! (+ a birthday)

15 Jun

It’s like the Jesus of polaroids! (+ it’s also someone’s birthday.)


No, you are not seeing things. I somehow (read: puppy dog eyes, pouty lower lip, expressing my friend moving across the country, etc, etc) managed to convince a Muni worker (who was quite lovely, by the way) to retrieve the lost Polaroid from yesterday. Sure, I had to wait at the station an extra 30 – 40 minutes for a break in the train traffic before he could go down there, but I was grateful he was willing to do it. I was on such a life high that I came home and did cardio for 40 minutes and then went on a run! On fire, y’all.

Also…. BONUS ROUND! Oh har, har. Anyway:

Today was Brandon’s birthday! You don’t know Brandon? Well, I can’t say I know him that well but he works at the coffee shop across from my office so I see him often. When we found out it was his birthday and that was the reason everyone there was wearing hats…. well, Kim and I wanted in on the fun, naturally. Happy birthday, Brandon! (That is his name, right?).

OK, last thing and then you can go. (Ha! I’m full of them today.) Have you seen THIS video? It’s basically the epitome of what I wish I could do all day every day. No, not propose, but make stuff like this! How fun would that be?!


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