30 Apr

It’s the mellow sausage. What does that even mean?


Don’t mind me, I’m just delirious from all the fun-having. After nearly giving Courtney a heart attack and hanging out at her salon for hours, Allison and I got our shop on in this incredible San Francisco weather. My goodness! I was actually wearing a tank top and shorts. You can’t make this stuff up.

Then Allison, Kim and I went to Millennium for the dinner of vegetarian’s dreams. I mean, seriously, we, the three vegetarians, were able to pick anything on the menu. Amazing. It was also my favorite night since I was with two of my favorite ladies. Being that there were three of us and we failed to get a group photo, I’ve cheated a bit and picked two pictures of the day to really drive home how awesome my life, and more specifically my Saturday, is.

Also spotted at Millennium: a ten foot tall woman and a ten foot tall man. That were not there together. Say what?!

P.S. Millennium is totally recommended (thanks, Deanna!), but our server Hannah? Not so much.


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