Spiked Cuties.

11 Apr

You can never be too careful when it comes to fruit.


Found this bunch of cuties abandoned on the J this afternoon on my way home from work. The poor things. Just sitting there, wondering how they went from being fawned over and ogled at Safeway, to all alone in a paper bag still clinging to the receipt that proved they were the only item purchased, sitting on the seat of a train car. Forgotten. But hey, that’s where I come in, ready to scoop them up and give them a home. Even if Kim is worried they’ve been injected with some toxic substance (though it didn’t stop her from bringing a few home as well).

Kim and I went for a run this evening and I realized, who needs a vacation to a new place when you can just bob and weave through the Mission? It’s like an obstacle course down there. After fitness time, it was off to Pumpkin dinner time down at Stelline in Hayes Valley and I have to tell you, that was some quick service. And those waiters. Oh those waiters, with their sweet dispositions and young little faces. Trouble, I tell ya.


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