The Dog Days are on Their Way…

3 Apr

… and I’m ready.


According to Wikipedia, the “Dog Days” generally arrive between July and September so they aren’t here quite yet. While it may have only been in the mid-sixties in San Francisco today, people still came out in droves to Dolores Park. It was warm enough that the token wear-a-bikini-at-any-opportunity girls were there, the puppy parade was in full effect and it was just chilly enough that there were even a couple folks napping in their sleeping bags. I’m telling you, if the temperature creeps over 60º in San Francisco, people will be outdoors, I guarantee it. Kim and I partook (sorry fellas, not in the bikini part), but not until late afternoon, and even then it was totally packed.

During the first part of the day I attended a 6 hour photography class which was really cool. Long, yes, but also super interesting. It reminded me how much I like having non-pressure hobbies that are just for me. Sugar Dimples was fun, but it served mostly as a lesson for me that I’m of the variety that likes to keep my hobbies totally separate from money making endeavors. Not everything in life has to be about getting ahead. My favorite stuff is the stuff that’s just about getting happy.

On that note, happy Sunday, friends.


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