Clipper Card Be Damned!

10 Mar

Or am I the damned one?!


It comes as no surprise that my day ended the same way it started. My ridiculous luck these days. At least I’m finally to the point of delirium where I can laugh about it.

Wake up, go to the doctor for the 3rd time this week (4th if you count that ER visit), work snafu-palooza, realize I’ve lost my clipper card and have it canceled, spill an entire cup of coffee on my bed, miss the bus, get caught in the rain, pay $2 to ride the bus and then immediately find my clipper card in my purse.

Two weeks ago I was Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Pants Whisperer – Kenny can you hear me?!) screaming into the sky, “What do you want from me?!”, today I’m that girl with the plumped up lips in the spoof. Only it’s my finger that’s 3 sizes too big.

Thank you, Kim, for making me dinner. You were today’s saving grace.


One Response to “Clipper Card Be Damned!”

  1. Kenny March 10, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    Someone screaming my name? I hear J-love, coffee in bed, and plumped up lips and came running!

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