Sexy Bumpersticker, Bro!

4 Mar



No, this isn’t my truck and no I’m not sure who it belongs to. Sorry ladies. And fellas.

There sure are some characters in this city. Today on Muni I had two separate experiences with two different people clearly suffering from schizophrenia. One was super happy and video taped herself having fun, upbeat conversations and clapped a lot. The other, well, she had three stuffed animals that she was “bathing” but kept getting interrupted by … someone?… that wouldn’t get out of her ass (her words, not a visual observation). In a 5 minute train ride she yelled “Don’t. Make. Nasty. NOISES!!!” about 35 times.  TGIF?

I need to go visit the Bush Man to feel a little leveled out. And no, that’s not code for anything.

P.S. To my friends that lent a prayer, thank you so much. My Uncle Pat is recovering very well. He’ll be in the hospital for a bit longer but he’s definitely on the mend.


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